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Correcting White Balance? Simple tools and steps.

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Using DSLR auto white balance control will not deliver the correct white balance under tricky lighting condition (or even a simple lighting condition).

A simple test below under Philips warm light tube (yellowish light at the corridor of my house). This is how the corridor ceiling looks like (yes, yellowish. I love warm colour as compared to bluish white at home.)


As a test subject, I use a Photo Clam ballhead packaging box, which has black, gold, blue and red on it. There is also a white sticker on the box with the word “Sample” written. To check if a white balance is correct or not, the first thing to look out for is that WHITE SHOULD BE WHITE. 😀

Test Results

Nikon D200 Auto White Balance:


(Yellow cast. Will be of some headache to correct it in photoshop later.)

Nikon D200 Pre-Set White Balance calibrated using Phottix White Balance Cap (77mm):


(Perfect white balance as if shot at daylight condition. White balance correction is not needed.)

How to Pre-Set in Camera?

The difference is obvious. WB Pre-set is easy, can be done within a few seconds. Below is the steps on WB pre-set on Nikon D200.


  1. Set the camera to Manual Focus mode.
  2. Press the WB button on Nikon D200.
  3. Turn the back back wheel on the right to select WB to PRE (means Preset).
  4. Press the WB button again for 3 seconds, word PrE is blinking now.
  5. Put Phottix WB Cap to the front lens of your camera. Point the camera / lens to the subject you want to shoot.
  6. Take a shot. D200 will show if the WB preset shot is Good or no Gd. If Good, then it will be used as the new Pre-set WB setting. If no Gd, repeat step 4 and 5 again.
  7. Done and enjoy the perfect WB shots under the same lighting condition!

Phottix White Balance Cap


At only RM25.00 (US$7.94), you get the perfect white balance! Don’t judge the product by its price…it does the job, it is just a plastic cap. 😛