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ShaShinKi as Photo Clam (Korea) Professional Ballhead Distributor!

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Photo Clam (Korea) – the Professional Ballhead!

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ShaShinKi is proud to be the official sole distributor of Photo Clam products in Malaysia!

Continuously bringing quality photographic equipment to you at affordable price!

(Using real 18k Gold in the Pro Gold II QR model)

Photo Clam is a professional ballhead brand from Korea. Their products are of very high precision and quality, definitely one of the best ballhead product in the market. You can read some great reviews online on Photo Clam ballheads.


About Photo Clam

Photo Clam is a division of Kyung-IL Company, which was established in 1993. Kyung-IL began manufacturing compressors, and expanded its operations from BC Tractor Air Compressors in a partnership with Sony in 1995. In 2005 the Photo Clam division was formed, and in 2006 the company patented the safety pin technology in China and Korea. Photo Clam ball heads are sold worldwide, including Canada and USA. Now it has enters Malaysia!

Photo Clam Ballhead

Key Selling Points

  • Made in Korea (high precision quality)!
  • Photo Clam ballhead is able to lock both the ball and the panning base firmly.
  • Photo Clam has huge range of selections. With over 20 different models to choose from, at very competitive price even for the entry market! (ShaShinKi imports 9 most popular models at the moment). Photo Clam cheapest ballhead starts at RM675.00 (SRP).
  • 3 Years Warranty! All Photo Clam ballheads come with 3 years manufacturer’s warranty!

Price and Purchase at:

Photo Clam products brochure