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the so called…SUPPORT FRIEND!

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Have you ever heard someone saying…

“Hey…I support you…I buy this from you…you give me best best price lah!”


Your friend is selling computer, doing it as a business to support his family and life. You plan to buy a computer, so you thought of him and want to “support” him.

You went to his shop, said “hey friend, I want to buy a computer for my kid, you give me best price then I support you and buy from you lah!”


Are you really supporting your so called FRIEND? Or are you trying to TAKE ADVANTAGE from your friend?

Your friend is making living from selling computer, and yet you are trying to squezze him and ask him to give you the lowest possible price and to SUPPORT YOU! So this is the friendship you are talking about…

A true friend won’t mind paying more to support the business of another friend, that is what I think is the true support. So next time if you want to buy something at the lowest price from your friend, don’t use the word “Support him” again instead of “Support ME!”.