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My Latest Nikon…best investment!

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My old spectacle is having problem…the leg is almost broken. I made that one in Japan, age only around 1.5 years and costs me quite a lot.

No choice, have to do a new one…as I am a “no spec can’t see” person…very high degree in far sight.

Went to a nearby spectacle shop last week to do my spectacle. Don’t want to spend much initially, but then can’t find one that I am happy with.

Test tested the Nikon frame, quite nice and is quite light (not heavy). It is a spring type, so is comfortable to wear and should be more lasting. The frame is made out of titanium (yeah…as if I am going to put it through test…). Anyhow, RM420 for the frame and I swipe my card…


The nose resting design is quite special. Simple and quite comfortable. Take a closer look at you will see Nikon wordings on it too.


The side frame has Nikon wording too and the spring design is not thick.

Together with 1.67 slim multicoated lens, it costs me RM610. Ok…way above what I have planned initially but since it is going to be my daily Nikon…no choice lah…better than any other Nikon items that I have bought but only use occasionally. 😛