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BBQ with friends

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Kinda like a gathering with my friends today…BBQ at my house.

Alvin, Janice, Fu Yong, Ammy, Lydia, Megumi and myself (Kho King).

New BBQ tray borrowed from Alvin. Simple and nice to use.


Some food as prepared by my wife. Jagung (corn) is very sweet, one of the best food among all. The front meal with white snow is sagu with coconut actually, very nice desert.


Sushi rice in tauhu skin. I love it!


Wife busy in the kitchen and I took her shot by surprised… 😛


Bought low smoke coal (as according to the seller) at RM8.00 per pack of not sure how many kg. Definitely enough for the night lah… 😛

Fire is ready…where is the food?!


Ok…on the way to the fire…


Man’s job for the fire / BBQ part (Fu Yong is at the back)..while lady setting up the table. Megumi was getting ready too…can you see the big cup on their baby chair already?!


Not a overly full dinner (for me lah…I drank a lot of O-cha (red tea)). I think we have a nice night…good to have gathering with friends from time to time. 🙂