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My Mother In Law’s Birthday!

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Yesterday…or few hours ago we celebrate our mother in law’s birthday. This is the 2nd birthday celebrations in my new house…the first one is my mother, and the second one is my mother in law’s birthday.

I went to bought a cake after work…a happy surprise to them I hope. Though I knew they do not like to eat cake, but I think it still means a lot when blowing candle and cutting cake during birthday, as an official celebration. The night before we have actually already went out for celebration dinner, but no cake or a pandan chifon cake made by my wife, but no candle and not so official…hahaa…lots of excuses…

Anyhow…here’s some photos to share.

Megumi can’t wait…in fact she has been very curious and excited when I brought the cake home. Yeah, she is holding the chifon cake made by my wife.


Blowing candle moment…


Cutting cake moment…


Happy birthday mother in law! May God be with you, protect you, give you health and guide you always. In Jesus precious name I prayed. Amen.