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ShaShinKi @ KLPF 2009

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Thank you to all our supporters and customers that have visited us during KLPF 2009! 🙂

Photos taken before the show starts. Was extremely busy and occupied from day till night…sorry if we have not served you well during the show, and thank you for the continuous support and visit to our booth!


It is quite a successful show, with many crowds despite the H1N1 flu. Of course, some were wearing masks…


We wished to bring as many products as possible to the show, but with 4 cars traveling from Johor and Perak to KL, we can only bring maybe 10% of our total inventory and product list.


ShaShinKi is the proud distributor of Maha and Domke brands in Malaysia!


Various Maha chargers for customers and visitors to test and have a feel.


Do visit www.shashinki.com online store for over 2700 active products! Malaysia’s First & Largest Online Camera Shop!