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My Dinning Table…

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Finally, bought my dinning table last Saturday. Have wanted a 8 seaters table, long rectangular type. Wanted a Lorenzo one, RM3200, too bad no stock available and they said their container got burnt at sea, so delayed stock till end of Oct or Nov. Can’t wait that long, so finally last Saturday my wife and I went to shop for our dinning table (we have moved into our new home for over a month…).

Went to two nearby furniture stores, saw a marble one, ok look but don’t really have the feel of wanted to buy. Somehow feel the workmanship a bit rough. Not cheap either at RM3.6k.

Then my wife suggest to go to Rustica, nearby as well. Quite similar to Lorenzo, quality workmanship. Saw one simple round table and one 8 seaters rectangular table. I find the rectangular type a bit old design, not modern type and not matching my house. I kinda like the round one, but it is only 6 seaters. Talked to the sales girl, and yes can add extra table at RM290 each, so become 8 seaters. Somehow it makes the table small then (5 feet diameter table). At last, we decided not to take the extra two chairs, and make it more spacious for our dinning room, as need a space for Megumi’s personal baby chair to slot in.

So, this is our dinning table. RM4.5k original, after discount (Raya promotion?) becomes RM3k.


Megumi’s chair is on the left, and there is extra two chairs on the left if needed. Though small but in actual use it brings closer the space and relationship of those who dine together.

(Simple solid wood with glass on the table. Simple chair with light brown leather or PU or PVC, not sure.)