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Digi Cheating! Check your phone bill!

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I just received my Digi bill today, and the payment due date is tomorrow. So, I have to immediately do online payment to them.

Few minutes ago, my friend called me and complaint about his digi phone bill. Then only I realized that Digi actually charges May and June and July calls to ONE bill! This is crazy and unfair to those who have subscribe to the Max Usage plan.


Let me explain. If you subscribed to Digi Max Usage 50 plan, you are entitled to get RM50 rebate maximum for all the call charges you made in that particular month. Say for example if you called RM40 in June, you will need to pay RM50 for the Max Usage 50 plan. However, if you called RM70 in June, then you will have to pay RM70 that month.

Now the unfair part. Since Digi forwarded all the charges of my June calls to July, that makes my June calling bill less than RM25 only but I still have to pay RM50 for it. And, since the call charges is brought forward to July now, the total amount of calls for June and July is RM95 and I have to pay the total of RM95 for it. If June calls was charged in June, then I would have been able to save the RM25 in my Max Usage 50 plan.

This is cheating and unfair to customers! Beware! Go to Digi center and bring your May, June and July bills and complain!