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Blood Sucking CIMB Credit Card Charges! Licensed Ah Long!

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Today I checked my credit card bill, and to my shocking, I saw two charges from CIMB bank on my credit card bill:

1. Late Charges = RM34.66

2. Finance Charges = RM36.59

I paid my bill on 10 July 2009, and I think the due date was 06 July 2009. Ok, I was few days late, so I understand that there will be some charges, but I didn’t expect it to be that much!

My total dued amount was only RM3465.68, and the total charges / penalty above is RM71.25, which is equivalent to 2.056% of the total amount that I dued! If you calculated annually, that is equivalent to 24.67% annual charge that CIMB charged you! 

Licensed Ah Long, I don’t know how can this Ah Long still exist legally.  Realising the crazy rate, I have immediately paid my this month CC bill now. It would be crazy to let CIMB get another cent from my pocket. Crazy…