21 January 2021

Megumi admitted to Ipoh Specialist

Megumi is admitted to Ipoh Specialist today, due to continuous fever for 5 days.

I am very down today, worried about her and sad that I couldn’t do anything here. Can only pray to God that Megumi will be fine.

I am very tempted to drive to Ipoh to be with her and my wife…still struggling to go or not…

God, please protect Megumi, heal her, be with her. Please give patience and love and strength to Foong to take care of Megumi. In Jesus Christ name I pray, amen.

Update (25th July 2009):

Thank you very much to those who have shown concerns, Megumi is fine now and have released from the hospital. Thank God.

3 thoughts on “Megumi admitted to Ipoh Specialist

  1. May God protect her, bless her, look after her and grant her the speedy recovery.
    Lydia must be so worried.
    Hope she can get well soon.

  2. my first time reading your blog. may God bless her. I say my prayer. God will protect her and your family.

    // eugene

  3. My daughter also admitted last week, she also fever on & off for 4 days. The worse she vomit anything just reach her mouth. Nos she is recover all.
    The sick is cause by lung, a weak lung. Listen from doctor, baby under 3 years old have to very take care when they in cough.
    I purpose to say this is want to pass you a message, with the quit full facility in hospital, your daugther will recover soon. And we can be good and best parent, but not pro as doctor when face the sick.
    God bless!

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