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Bought Another Sony LCD TV – KLV-40S550A (40″ Entry Model)

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I need two TVs for my house, one for living room and another for my bedroom. LCD or Plasma, and I have decided on LCD. Plasma seems darker and not as high resolutions as LCD TV.

I bought one few months ago, Sony KLV-40V400A model, at a bargain price of below RM2.9k (after discount and minus out Jusco voucher) during Jusco Day at Bukit Indah, Johor. Every RM100 purchase will get a RM10 voucher from Jusco during Jusco Day. That model is getting discontinued, hence the bargain price.


The design is quite nice and sleek.

Today, I bought another one, Sony KLV-40S550A, entry model to Sony LCD TV, at RM3030 (after all discount and minus out vouchers). Free one Sony MP3 walkman (2GB only). Newer model but not as high range as the V series. In Sony, S is the entry model, followed by V then W then…etc. (out of my reach). Even the W series is already too expensive for me (over RM6k for 40″).

This is how the S series looks like:


Yeah…quite ordinary look with no shinny side and front panel or translucent panel. Speakers is hidden type.

The salesman is trying to push the V series to me, but I just don’t feel like paying extra RM630 (and no free MP3 player) for the V series with only few insignificant extra features and deco. My wife will definitely go for the cheaper model, and I have told myself initially that I don’t need to spend $$$ for my bedroom TV. After a nearly 45 minutes thought and checking here and there, I decided on the S series. Haha…the salesman sure looks disappointed, but I am quite happy and relief with my decision (my credit card is relief too).