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Paypal – Fee Reversal From Cancelled Fee – Cheating?! New Way of Making Money?!

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Paypal is cheating AGAIN! This time is the CANCELLED FEE!

When you cancel a payment made by someone to you, which you DO NOT want to accept or decided to refund the money, PayPal starting from DON’T KNOW WHEN will charge you a “Cancelled Fee”, which is equivalent to the exact commission that the payee paid to you! So, although you do not receive any payment at the end, you will still be charged for the MONEY! PayPal wins and takes your money no matter what!

I received no email notification of that policy change, and I remember clearly that refund of money to payee used to be FREE within the grace period (60 days). I am shocked when I checked my PayPal account just now, which the so called CANCELLED FEE in every refund that I made to my customers starting from June 2009!

PayPal, really sucks! 🙁