21 January 2021

Water Filter System – PureGen UF-2000 (Genuine California product?)

I bought a water filter system for my house – Puregen UF-2000.

This is how the produt looks like:


I think it is made in Malaysia, the PureGen logo is just a translucent sticker pasted onto the stainless steel, not direct printing like in the picture above.

I checked Puregen.com website, no information about Malaysia distributor, and I can’t find the above model as well. I have sent them an email inquiry, will see if this is truly a California USA product or not.

How much I paid? RM1200 before installation.

(There is a longer model, UF-2500.)

37 thoughts on “Water Filter System – PureGen UF-2000 (Genuine California product?)

  1. Hi Calvin,

    Sorry, didn’t know about that until you mention it now. A bit too late for me to change now, as I have already installed the above.

  2. My name sureyndran today a guy coming to install it to my house rm1,200.00
    i am wondering to install or not U-F2000.
    He also mention that no need to change filter and very clean 0127913644

  3. Today I visit a shop selling filtration stuff in Kuching, they claim that they are subsidiary company of PureGen Group. They sell FRP Housing + Pump + SS Water Tank package at RM3288. FRP Housing they say is direct from PureGen US. Pump they say is direct from Italy. Tank they say is locally made. I couldn’t find the FRP filter from PureGen US website as well. After reading your post, I think I need to double check on the source of the products. Is there any update from PureGen US regarding your inquiry on your PureGen UF-2000?

  4. Hi KKK,
    I visited a shop today, looking for a water filter and they recommended this as well. They are giving me the 2500 model for 1380 plus installation. How is the performance of that filter? Is it good? Durable?

  5. Hi…i m hatta , why dont use R.O purification system….they comes with hot and cold in their system and stand alone. Even big events like Olympic also using RO water…its very clean. Spore is one of the country who uses RO water. i can check your water quality for free…sms me 013-3525090

  6. I am the reseller of the puregen system. If interested please email me and i will contact you as soon as possible. Now the promotion price is RM 1,280 plus installation. Please email me stephenlim21@hotmail dot com

  7. Hi Kho King,

    I also have installed the same unit at my apartment about 3 years ago. Was Ok for a year but after that there are times the water is not so clean (brownish). The person we bought from could not be contacted anymore.

    Would appreciate if you could let me have the contact of the person who services your filter as I am unable to get hold of any Pure Gen dealer in Kuala Lumpur. ( Think it’s about time to changer the filters).

    Thank you

  8. Hi Joyce,

    I am not sure of the technical person from Puregen as well, as I got it from my house renovation contractor, which is actually a middle man.

    You have to do flushing on your filter every week. But 3 years is a long time, maybe it is time to ask for a change of the internal filter. I find other brands have similar design as well, maybe you can check with any filter agent that is available to you.

  9. we are from GE( general electric) and Pentair USA. we are the sole distributor in Malaysia. we are handling water filteration system in malaysia. i think a lot of ppl are having problem finding the right suitable filter for their household. we are specialized in water filteration and we can give a hand in guiding you guys to your need. for your information , we are not a direct selling company, that ppl can come and go and let customer in confusion. we are reporting to Singapore PEntair and GE Asia. you can call me : 019-237 9186. as a guideline , buy filter from a reputable company..

  10. Hey,
    How’s the Puregen UF Filter now after one and a half years? Does it still working well? I have installed the same Puregen UF 2000 5 years ago and it is still working well and produce clean water consistently without any failure. This UF filter seems perform much better than any sand filter or Diamond filter of which my friends always compliant for the maintenance and cleaniness of the filtered water. Joe

  11. Hi Joe,

    So far it is still working, but I am kinda worry with the quality of the filter inside, whether needs replace or not.

  12. I think you can contact Mr. See at 012-3661065 for Puregen UF. So far, I am satisfy with Puregen UF as the product is quite reliable.

  13. Hi everyone. I’m See from PureGen M’sia. After going through all the above comments, I can say that our products are genuinely US product. It is reliable, durable, and effective, whereby we guarantee satisfaction with our extended warranty period. Feel free to contact us for further questions @ 012-366 1065 / 012-673 3371. Best regards

  14. Dear Dr.Koh

    Greeting in peace. Relating to this post of your experience for PureGen filter, i am newbies for this kind of product. I have asked my house renovation contractor to help me installed a water stainless-still tank and a pump but to come out with the filter, i am still in dilemma in term of it filtration capabilities. The price for PureGen Ultra Comfort 2500 just cost me RM999.
    I hope you could tell me your experience if the filter gave me desired satisfaction?

  15. Hi Jeffrey,

    I am actually quite happy with the performance of the filter system. It does filter out lots of dirt, and my in house drinking filter system hardly get any dirt even after 1 year (have to change the filter inside, though still looks clean when I change it).

  16. Hi all,
    I have Puregen Filter UF2000 installed at my house last year Aug. The price quoted was RM1300 which i got it from See. They sent their Butterworth distributor for installation, . I was told that the original piping was not good and they recommended to top up to better piping – not sure how true it is. End up, i paid RM1400(what type of pipe could cost RM100 and it is quite short only!!).

    My comment:
    > The filter itself is good and water to my house is clean. LOVE IT
    > The maintenance part is easy – daily scheduling and weekly self clean is very easy.
    > It is small and do have any space constraint.

    THE ONLY NEGATIVE comment is:
    > The screws that secured the filter has rusted(i installed at outdoor and expose to sun) after 2 weeks installation which is ridiculus!!!! I call back to the Butterworth distributor and they claimed that it is the original accesories come with the filter. They came to my house and took a few snapshots and end up with no news. When i call back, the distributor say “with the “LOWEST” price” that i paid, that’s the thing that they can offer.

    Has anyone Puregen user seeing the screw rusted so fast?

    I would say the filter is good but the distributor is terrible.

  17. Hello All,

    Good to have this platform to discuss about the water filter. My house also installed Puregen UF (I have forgotten the model) about 4-5 years ago. Frankly, I am very satisfy with the water filter as it last for 4-5 years without any maintenance (only repaired one pipe leaking last year which is not caused by the filter). My neighbour also installed other brand UF 2 years ago and I was told that the filter already been changed after 1year plus. Thus, we have to appreciate Puregen filter which is really perform good so far and low maintenance cost. The filter really perform well as my indoor drinking water system has hardly need to be cleaned. So far, I am satisfy with the Puregen product and their services.

  18. Hi guys, i think Puregen is actually a Taiwanese company because the US side never reply to any enquiries

  19. Home Water Filtration: Can you tell me more about your company? How come you never heard of Puregen, since there are so many people in this discussion have already bought and used it? I am looking for one outdoor filter and happened to stumbled into this blog..

  20. I did receive reply from Puregen USA that they asked me to contact Puregen Malaysia at 03-80607100 for any inquiry. Thus, I believe Puregen Malaysia is serving the local customers here. If you dont believe, you may check it out at http://www.puregen.com in US.

  21. I have managed to search the website and facebook for puregen and get their contact. You guys may check it out as well at http://www.puregen.com.my. No need to send inquiry to Puregen USA. Puregen malaysia also avaibale at FB. Cheers

  22. I installed PureGen for more than 5 years, and up to now no problem. Filter still perform very well. No complaint. Value for money.

  23. The product is excellent and enjoy price Water Filters was easy to install also depends on your refrigerator.I was time for a new pack of filters. after Intall a new filler there is cleary especially on a 2-pack, is unbeatable.. Pur Refrigerator Cyst Water Filter was the best I could find. Thes filters are necessart .Thanks.

  24. hi, everyone.im a lincoln lew.i have purium filter installed at my house 6mths ago, bought from my good friend.after filter itself is good and water to my house is clean.

  25. I installed UF2000 in 2005. My house has 7 bathrooms and none of the white toilet bowl has yellowish stain from the water supply. Still very clean water after almost 8 years. I use electronic controller for auto flush and the flushed water is dirty and muddy. Anyway i recycled the water via a sprinkler system to water my garden. Very satisfied and i think i will change the filter soon ( 8 yrs too long lah..)

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