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Cost of Built in Furniture?

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Today I asked a designer of a nearby furniture maker to come to my house to do some quotations of built in furniture cost of my house.

Basically below are what I plan to do:

  • Living Room TV Rack and Backdrop
  • Kitchen Sliding Door (my door is 4 feet, which is too heavy if using wood as according to the designer, so he suggested aluminum with glass.)
  • Kitchen U shape cupboard (up and down)
  • Master Bedroom Cupboard
  • Master Beedroom TV Rack + Backdrop
  • Master Bedroom Bed+Floor
  • 1st Room Upstairs Cupboard (I did ask roughly the cost, which is over RM3k for a sliding door type. Wah…expensive leh…can buy full set of bed + cupboard already and still some money left!)

Built in furniture is really expensive. My budget is not more than RM40k for the above, hopefully can do. Will get a quotation first before deciding (might cut here and there…most probably the last item).