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Oral B Toothbrush – Year 2005 production still selling on rack!!!

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Went to Jaya Jusco to buy a toothbrush, as usual, Oral B.

Bought one, RM4.90, Vision model.


When checking out just now at home, very shock to see that the toothbrush production date is year 2005!!!


Zoom in!


Though the expiry date is 10 years from the production date, but how come a toothbrush that is over 4 years 5 months old be still on the rack? If the one I bought now is 4 years 5 months OLD, is this model still in production or they are simply clearing the old design model / stock at RM4.90?!

Hmm…must check out the production date next time when buying toothbrush too. I think it is bad to sell such an old product on the rack.

(By the way, it is MADE IN CHINA.)