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New toy? Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave

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Went to the nearby computer shop with my housemates after dinner, they want to buy something, I just follow them. I was there already this afternoon, but did not buy anything.

I was toying with the idea of connecting my Dell D800 notebook (LCD spoilt) to my Sony LCD TV and use cordless keyboard to control it, have managed to connect the notebook to my Sony before I went out for dinner. So while I was at the computer shop, I tried to take a look at Logitech cordless keyboard.

Found this keyboard “hiding” among other stuffs. Does not seems to be that popular, maybe due to the high price tag. RM290.

My wife has been complaining about my computer mouse, cord type. She is so used to “herLogicool mouse now (used to be mine, Logitech or Logicool in Japan MX Revolution), so I thought instead of getting just a laser mouse, why not the full set? Since Logitech cordless laser mouse is already costing RM175.00.

So, brought this back home tonight…


Nice packaging I must say.


Pulling out from the box, with a plastic protective cover.


Full set, 3 items. Keyboard, Mouse, Receiver (USB). Wave technology.


Tested to be nice and fine. 🙂