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Nuffnang ads slowing down your blog?

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Have you ever notice that your blog loading time is very slow due to Nuffnang ads?

Seeing the below message at the bottom left of your FireFox browser?


On some blogs, I have event noticed that the page does not load up for loading forever due to Nuffnang ads. This is especially for those who have the ads place on top of their blog, or at the left column of their blog.

By using FireFox, it loads from Top (Header) to Left to Center to Right to Footer. So if one placed Nuffnang ads on top or right column, then the main content of the blog (usually in the center) will not load until Nuffnang ads has finished loading.

Of course, sometimes Nuffnang ads load up fast, sometimes slow. I am not sure of the reason, but my advise is that if you want to put external ads banner into your blog (including Advertlets, Adsense, etc…), put it at the footer or at the right column.