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Bought 2nd Viewsonic Monitor – VX2262WMP

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Bought my 2nd Viewsonic monitor, VX2262WP. My first Viewsonic monitor was VX2233WM, which I am very satisfied and is currently using by my wife.


I wanted to get the same model, but according to my supplier it is no longer available. Instead he only has VX2262WMP which is of higher price by around RM50 more than the VX2233WM. I paid RM590 for the VX2262WMP model.

VX2233WM has viewable area of 21.5″, but is having FULL HD resolution (1920 x 1080).



VX2262WMP has viewable area of 22″, but only has 1680×1050 resolution.



I want a full HD monitor actually, didn’t know the VX2262XMP only has such resolution until I brought it back. After checking some specs and reviews online, I decided to keep it. Since there is no way for me to get the VX2233WM monitor.

My experience with Viewsonic has not been a pleasant one. When buying my first VX2233WM monitor, the first monitor has a dead pixel in RED on the upper right corner. I brought back to the shop for exchange. Officially it is not changeable for ONE dead pixel, but I have been a frequent customer to the shop, so they allowed me to change to another piece.

Then my 2nd monitor, VX2262WMP. The first unit that I brought back 2 days ago has a defect on the upper right corner. This time it is not dead pixel, but a dirt (blue colour). The dirt is INSIDE the screen, can’t be clean. So again I brought it back for exchange.

I no longer confident in Viewsonic quality control, as the two units that I bought both have defect. Maybe I am unlucky, but I sure will not buy the monitor from any store that does not allow exchange when there is a defect.

Overall, I am happy with the monitor. Bright, wide, built in speaker, at only RM590 for a 22″ monitor it is a bargain! 😀

By the way, 3 years warranty!