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Canon EOS 5D Mark II USB Drive 4GB

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Canon Hong Kong has produced an interesting gadget recently, a 4GB USB thumbdrive made with Canon EOS 5D Mark II shape, pulling the lens out and it is a thumbdrive by its own.


Personally I would say it is very cute and attractive. Currently selling at ebay for around US$100 closing bid, which is around RM370. Wow…that is really expensive for a 4GB thumbdrive in today’s standard! You can get a 4GB thumbdrive from any computer store for around USD10-15 at max nowadays! That Canon 5D2 USB drive is 10 times the price after posting at ebay… 😀

From what I heard, this miniature Canon 5D Mark II can be bought from Canon Singapore or Canon Hong Kong at USD15 per piece. Now can someone mass order 100pcs for me so that I can turn my US$1500 into US$1,5000?!:D