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Seagate Hard Disk 1TB – Noisy!

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I got parts for my new PC yesterday, including a new Seagate 1TB hard disk drive.

After setup everything (hardware), I then started to install Windows Vista (original licensed). Immediately I noticed the hard disk is NOISY. It has the tatata sound whenever there is an activity to the hard disk (read or write).

Today, I can’t stand the sound anymore. Though not very loud, but it is really annoying. I asked a few friends of mine regarding this issue. One said normal, one said faulty. Anyhow, I really hate the loud sound, so I went back to the shop where I bought the HDD, and asked for an exchange.

After some thought, I decided to get TWO 500GB instead of ONE 1TB. Why? If a 1TB HDD failed, then all my data will be gone. For TWO 500GB HDD, the chance of both died on the same time is slim. Brand? My friend recommend me Western Digital, and since I have lost confidence with Seagate, so chose two WD 500GB HDD.

Just installed it, quiet and quiet. No more irritating tatata…sound when the HDD is running. This should be how a hard disk works.

I am not sure if the Seagate that I bought is FAULTY or it is the nature of its design, but I am not going to take the chance with another Seagate, as I might not be able to get an exchange if the exchanged unit is still the same (nature of its design).

Am glad with my WD HDD now. 🙂