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My wife and Megumi on MSN

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Still the best video conferencing software in the world. Tried Google video, yahoo video…etc., MSN though not perfect but still is among the best in delivering video quality.

(Background purposely blurred in Paint Shop Pro)

Megumi is boss pose eating porridge.


My wife and Megumi. Now Megumi want to hold the spoon herself.


I miss them both.

I bought two Logitech QuickCam® Family E3500 webcam for the above purpose, which I am quite happy with the quality of them. Delivering good quality photo (in Malaysia slow internet line service), good exposure and white balance.


The cam can be placed on the monitor screen easily, but no securely. No clip, but a V shape stand (can be adjusted) to put on the monitor. The design is fine, as clip sometimes does not match thick monitor.