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Got my house key…God is good!

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Got my house key two days ago (Tuesday).

God is good! I only have to pay the overdue charges of around RM750! So much lower than I initially expected! The developer gave me 25% discount from the original price of RM10xx. They minus out all the holidays, hence the final fine becomes low.

Thank God for the saving. 🙂

Got the keys. 3 sets all together. One set has around 9 keys.

Next…waiting for renovation to start. I think still need to wait for 2-3 months before I can actually move in.

By the way, have also applied for water and electric facilities. Might take 1-4 weeks as according to the developer to install those two things, depending on the applications SAJ Holdings Sdn Bhd and TNB, so nothing can be done now (or no rush at the moment). Water deposit is RM90, while electric is RM280 + some other fees (I paid RM400 + RM10 stamp duty). Not exactly sure why the RM400, but will check the bill later.

Have the urge to move immediately to my new house…my very first and own house…home of my family (Lydia, Megumi and I). God is good, God is so good to me. 🙂