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BlogMalaysia – Largest Blog Directory in Malaysia!

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Started on 12th January 2008, in a year+ time, I am glad to see that BlogMalaysia has grown to become the largest blog directory in Malaysia! First blog about BlogMalaysia can be read at:


Yeah, that’s the good thing about blogging…you can trace back history of your life with just a simple search. I don’t have photographic memory so cannot remember every little or big things in my life. 😛

Some Statistics of BlogMalaysia:

Total Blogs : 3610
Total Category : 26
Featured Blogs : 3
Regular Blogs : 3607
Pending Blogs : 11
Blog Clicks : 48191

There are around 10 new blogs each day and growing fast. Thanks to bloggers who have volunteering put a linkback of BlogMalaysia logo on their blogs.



<p><a href=”http://blogmalaysia.com”><img src=”http://blogmalaysia.com/images/reciprocal.gif” alt=”BlogMalaysia.com” border=”0″></a></p>

Thank you all for the support to BlogMalaysia! 🙂

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