25 September 2023


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Moved Server Data – USA to Malaysia (Over 11GB!)

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Last week has been a hectic week for me. The recent slow internet connection of Streamyx to oversea server (especially US servers) has brought forward my plan of migrating the data of my USA server back to Malaysia.

There were over 11GB of data that needs to be transferred, for ShaShinKi.com alone. With the slow internet connections, it is quite impossible for me to use FTP or even SSH to do the data transfer via Streamyx line.

With the assistance from my Malaysia server provider (www.ipserverone.com), all ShaShinKi data was migrated successfully! Lee and Lee (Kenji) from IPServerOne have been of great help, assisting without asking for a cent! I have a dedicated server with them, but that does not warrant this kind of support from them. They do it volunteeringly, which really touches my heart. My server provider in USA on the other hand is money minded. Unmanaged server. Server rental cost has increased for at least 2 times, over 50% increment in the last 3 years. I can get a Intel Xeon powered server with RAID setting from IPServerOne for the money I paid to my US server provider.

Did I mention how fast is the server I have with IPServerOne now? Yes, VERY FAST! Accessing files on my server is like accessing files on my local hard drive (Ok, maybe a little slower). This is miles improvement as comparing to accessing my files on my USA server. My e-commerce site (http://shashinki.com) now flies! Yes, even on the slowmix line!

Photo / picture loading time has been extremely fast and smooth as well. I am glad that I have made the migration earlier, though the USA server I have paid the rental till Oct 2009 (can’t get back the money), but still it is better for me to move now than later.

I still have some of my sites in my USA server, eg. PentaxWorld.com. As that is an international site with members mostly from oversea, so I think it is better for us to continue having it on my USA server than moving it to Malaysia. Perhaps after Oct 2009, before the next bill of my USA server.

Hope you enjoy the fast loading speed of ShaShinKi.com! 😉