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Generate more CLICKS from Adsense? How?

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I have been using Adsense for over a year, on the biggest photography forum in Malaysiawww.photomalaysia.com.

Performance of Adsense has been quite disappointing to me. There are less than 50 clicks per day (we have around 7000-9000 unique visitors per day). No, publisher is NOT allowed to invite his/her members to click on the ads, that will lead to your account being terminated.

I have heard story of bloggers getting USD1000 or even more per month from Adsense. I only get about USD120 per month. What went wrong?

I am still experimenting different ads banners and locations. Recently I introduced 250×250 px square banner to my forum and I noticed some increment in clickthrough. I need to experiment more…but if you have some tips or experience to share, please post a reply. Thanks! 🙂