Generate more CLICKS from Adsense? How?

I have been using Adsense for over a year, on the biggest photography forum in

Performance of Adsense has been quite disappointing to me. There are less than 50 clicks per day (we have around 7000-9000 unique visitors per day). No, publisher is NOT allowed to invite his/her members to click on the ads, that will lead to your account being terminated.

I have heard story of bloggers getting USD1000 or even more per month from Adsense. I only get about USD120 per month. What went wrong?

I am still experimenting different ads banners and locations. Recently I introduced 250×250 px square banner to my forum and I noticed some increment in clickthrough. I need to experiment more…but if you have some tips or experience to share, please post a reply. Thanks! 🙂

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  1. maybe you can try to eliminate some ads that ain’ts appeal to your members? as some ads won’t make ppl click it at all.

  2. So what is the average click per day you have to make in order to get USD 120 ?
    You get the money for ppl clicking on the ad or just login to ur blog ?
    What about the same IP ?

  3. Hi WTJ,

    Thanks for the tips! Google is the one that decides the type of ads shown at my forum, I can’t select it myself. Most ads are,…etc.

    Hi horizon,

    I don’t generate money from my blog, but from my forum – I get around US$3-5 per day, with around 30 clicks. I think that is very low considered I have over 7000 unique visitors daily.

  4. Choose a ads that may not relate to photography. FOr example a ad for reducing your stomach fat? will really pull the readers to click than as we all know about mudah. Need to keep changing into new segment…..

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