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Badminton Racket – Yonex MusclePower 45!

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It has been a long time that I did not exercise, bad for health. Before going to Japan, I played badminton almost every week with my friends. I hope to reinstate that game…called my friends and this Sunday afternoon we are going to play badminton again. :)

I lost my badminton racket. I have two actually. One is the Yonex Carbonex 20, which was bought by my father more than 10 years ago. During that time, that was one of the best racket (or most expensive) from Yonex, second to the Carbonex 21. I was very proud to have that racket…though I don’t play that well… :P

I bought my own 2nd badminton racket few years ago, as my Carbonex 20 finally gave up and have cracked. Maybe due to too many clashes with other’s racket during the play. I bought a Yonex MusclePower (can’t remember the model number now), at RM160+. That is a very nice racket with very strong hitting momentum. Racket head is heavier than the body. I left it at home and after coming back from Japan…couldn’t find it anymore. My Carbonex 20 still lying there…guess whoever took the MusclePower must be happy with it.

Went out to buy my 3rd racket. I tried a few: MusclePower 21, 22 and 45. Price is RM159, RM169 and RM359. Yeah, MusclePower 45 model is so much more expensive than the other two. I have a hard time chooseing. In hand, MusclePower 45 definitely feels better with the slightly heavier head, while MusclePower 21 and 22 are having balance weight around the body. I can feel stronger momentum in smashing when using MusclePower 45.


I like to buy good quality things, as I believe that good things last longer and give better return as compared to those compromised items. I went to a few sports shop to check the price of MusclePower 45, not many have it and I finally found one with better deal (Free string, hand grip and at the price of RM330). I took the deal last night and today I have the new racket in hands. Tomorrow only I will be able to test it out…hopefully my body can still move/dance… :P

The string that I chose to go with my MusclePower 45 is Yonex BG66. This is among the most popular string use by many. BG65 is slightly thicker, can last longer but the repulsion power is not as good as the BG66. Since I seldome experience broken string, so I chose the BG66 this time with 25 pounds of tieing strength / power.

Some do not like Yonex nowadays, and there are many other brands, eg. ProAce, Carton, etc. For me, if I have to pay RM200+- for a racket, I might as well buy one that I am already confident with, Yonex is the biggest brand, couldn’t go wrong with it instead of trying out new brand.