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[ShaShinKi] Affiliate Program! Earn $$$ from Sales at ShaShinKi!

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ShaShinKi Affiliate Program

You Get 0.5% Commission from Every Sales!

Sign Up at:


1. How does it works?
– Register yourself as an affiliate at ShaShinKi (different from your own customer’s account).
– Go to your account summary. Click on Banner selection and you will be able to select different type of banner to put onto your blog or website.
– Customers that make purchase at ShaShinKi that were coming from your banner will have 0.5% commission from the total sales amount credited to you.
– Commission will only be counted/credited after the order has been completed at ShaShinKi (customer paid & order shipped.)

2. How much commission?
– 0.5% from each and every sales generated from your banner. Your banner will have your member ID number on it.

3. How is payment being made?
ShaShinKi Shopping Point, Bank Transfer (Malaysia only), PayPal.

4. Is there any minimum payout amount?
– Yes. Minimum payout amount is RM50.00.

5. Will I get commission if I referred to myself when purchasing?
– No. You must not refer to your own banner when making purchase at ShaShinKi. If such case is found, your affiliate account will be terminated and you will not get payment from the referred purchase.

6. What type of banner / Link option?
– There are banner link, product link and text link available. You can choose your preferred type of link with your reference ID at your Affiliate account at ShaShinKi.com.

Eg. of Text link:

7. Where can I promote the banner / text link?
– You can put the banner or text link at your blog, personal website, forum signature, etc. You can also email the link to your friends and family (please take extra care with email, DO NOT SPAM.)

8. Where can I sign up?
– It is free, it is for everybody. Please register / sign up at:

More info at:


(Affiliate account is independent from your shopping account at ShaShinKi.com. You will need to register as an Affiliate, and can use the same email address and password as your shopping account.)