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Celcom wireless broadband – Poor service…slow…halted…wasting money…

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I am really disappointed with the Celcom wireless broadband service that I subscribed since last year. It is slow, slow and slow. I paid for the RM9x package, which is supposed to be the faster service at higher price. I opt for this so called “faster package” so that there will be no excuse when the speed is slow.

No excuse? The service has brought me a lot of frustration.

In you are in a big city, then you will NOT want to have this wireless broadband service. Streamyx on the other hand although is slow…but when compared to Celcom wireless broadband, Streamyx is like light years ahead!

I have enjoyed the luxury of wireless service by using the Celcom wireless broadband that I have when I was in Sabah, PWTC…etc., where wireless service is hard to get. Although speed is slow, but still it is better than not able to go online.

In the last few days…or weeks, I seldom use the Celcom due to the very slow speed and most of the time it won’t send or receive any data at all. It just makes me frustrated with the monthly RM9x fee that I have to pay, but not getting the service right. This is really a rip off, and cheating consumers money.

Disappointed with the Celcom wireless broadband.