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My birthday…03 Jan 2009…thank you dear…

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This is a special birthday for me…my wife drove all the way from KL to JB (from Perak to KL the night before)  to celebrate my birthday on the 3rd Jan 2009, Saturday. It is a long drive, around 4 hours from KL to JB, and around 3 hours from Perak to KL.

I can hardly believe my eyes when I saw her at Jusco Taman University. I miss her a lot…and miss Megumi very much too! She drove all the way alone from KL to Johor, which is a tiring journey, and couldn’t have Megumi accompanied as it would be dangerous to put Megumi at the backseat by herself for the long journey.

My wife bought me a very nice and shiny tie, which I like quite a lot. It makes me looks freshier with the light blue colour tie. I shall take a photo and add it later.

Here’s a photo of my wife and I taken on the 3rd Jan 2009. Thank you dear, thank God for protecting her and having Lydia in my life. May God continuing blessing and protecting us, and give us wisdom and fear to God. In Jesus name I prayed, Amen.


My housemates, Alvin and Janice remember my birthday as well, and Alvin baked a cake for me, which is a very big surprised to me. Really blessed to have housemates and friends like them…thanks, pals!


(Alvin and Janice have their blog at: http://alvinjani.mylovepress.net )