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Thank you, God…

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Thank God that my family and I have passed year 2008 safely. Early 2008 we were still in Japan. Megumi was born on 14th June 2007, is now 1 year 6 months old. Thank God for His protection to Megumi.

Lydia and I are still in good health, thank God for His grace, protection and guidance. Our parents, sisters, brothers are all in good shape, thank God for that.

Thank God for this providence, we have overflowing grace from Him.

Thank God for all the happy and sad time in year 2008.

Thank God for the completion of my PhD in Japan in year 2008.

Thank God for the life in Japan, I miss the life in Japan, very lovely memory for me and my wife. Thank God for giving us the chance to live and stay in Japan for 3 years.

Thank God for our car, Perodua Myvi and our Japan brought back car, Toyota Wish. Hope the Wish will clear custom soon and smoothly. Thank God for the gift.

Thank God for His word, His promise, His love, His protection, His strength, His guidance, His wisdom, His patience, His braverly, His truth. Thank God for Jesus Christ died for me.

Thank you God for everything in the pass years…the pass 2008. I pray to glorify God’s name in year 2009, let me stand up for God, be the light and salt for God in the world, witnessing God in every possible way. Strengthen me my Lord, protect my wife, Lydia, give her happiness, health, patience, strength and wisdom, protect Megumi from all evils, bless her and let her follow your path when she grews up.

Thank you, God. Thank you Jesus Christ. Thank you my Lord, my sherpherd.

In Jesus name I prayed.