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I bought a fridge! Refrigerator! Sharp SHP-SJPT71RHS

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I bought a fridge few weeks ago during Jusco Member Day. Was looking for a big fridge for my new house (house not ready soon), initially want a Panasonic model with invertor technology for power saving, but the size available is too small (400L gross capacity). Was about to give up…then suddenly one of the salesman introduce me to this Sharp model, which has the power saving feature as well (30% power saving as according to the ads).

The model is Sharp SHP-SJPT71RHS, which I think is the largest model in the series (2 doors type), and the capacity is 660L gross capacity. Definitely MUCH bigger than the Panasonic model that I was looking at.


Paid around RM2690 I think…with some free coupons from Jusco for member day promotion (thousands of people there…you can’t believe the economy is on the down turn…).

Ok…settled with the fridge…still headache for TV. LCD or Plasma? Samsung? Sharp? Sony? Panasonic? …


Frost FreeYes
Total Volume: GROSS ([L])660
Storage Volume ([L])555
Freezer Volume: [(L])139
Fridge Volume ([L])416
Dimensions (W x H x D mm)800 x 1770 x 720
Net weight (kg)
Insulation Blowing Gas
Refrigerant (Non-CFC)
ColourHigh Grade Silver