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BlogMalaysia is now PR5!

Visits: 146

BlogMalaysia has been growing…healthily! It has quite a number of new submitted blog daily, till some times I do not even have time to go approve all the submitted blogs… (sorry bloggers…please be patience…). Currently with over 2500 blogs and growing…it is definitely one of the largest and most popular blog directory in Malaysia nowadays!

I just checked the pagerank of BlogMalaysia, and to be surprise…it is now ranked at PR5!


My last check it was PR4, which is around 3-4 months ago. Google sure like blogs…and I am glad that Google has increased the ranking of BlogMalaysia now. What is PR? That’s a different topic…you can wikipedia for it.

So, how is the statistics of BlogMalaysia? Below is what I get from AWSTATS:


Some people got confused with hits and unique visitor. Hits can be a lot, but unique visitor is what that counts (IMO).

With my busy scheduled, I have actually appointed two admins to assist me at BlogMalaysia…but sadly…both of them are now MIA and probably got scared by the mass volume of work (many blogs) that they have to review and approve daily. I can’t just appoint anybody to be the admin, as he/she will have access to the INSIDE of BlogMalaysia. Hence I will have to bare the work load myself now… 🙁

Just reviewed over 100 blogs this morning…another 200 to go…yeah… … …

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