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ShaShinKi’s Staffs at KLPF 2008

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Yes, we participate in KLPF 2008 on 18-19th (Sat-Sun) at Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur.

From left to right:
(Kho King, Lydia Wong, Foon Ngok (Ms. Wong), Hoon King and Aini)


It is a tiring 2 days event, but it is definitely a fruitful event to be able to meet many friends and members of PhotoMalaysia, as well as many new customers and friends that only be able to get to know about ShaShinKi during this KLPF 2008!

Too tired right now, got some photos in my CF card, will post it when in a few days time.

Thank God things went smoothly, may all glory be in His name!