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Going wireless – 3G – HSDPA 3.6MBs Celcom!

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Yeah…I have went wireless today. Just subscribed to a Celcom 3G broadband plan of HSDPA package, costs RM99.00 per month and bought a USB modem at RM499.00 with one year contract with Celcom 3G.

There is a cheaper package of RM69.00 per month with 384kbs speed, which I have seriously considered. There is no comparison for me to try the 3.6MBs package with this 384kbs package, so I have to make a decision on the spot. With the one year contract, I must make the correct decision as there is no way for me to upgrade later if the 384kbs package is too slow for my usage. With RM30 difference monthly, or RM1.00 extra per day…I decided to go for the 3.6KBs package, as I do not want to regret later and got stuck one year with snail internet connection.

In Japan, I was using 4MBs package, the cheapest package, which has served me very well!

If one do not want to bond with the one year contract, then he/she can buy the USB modem at RM699.00, which is RM200 extra. Since there is either Maxis or Celcom in the market for me to choose, clearly I am going to use either one for the next one year…so no point for me to pay the extra RM200 for the modem just because of the contract. I have heard bad stories about Maxis, my friend recommended me Celcom, so I decided to give it a try. Not that I have many choices anyway…

My wireless 3G not yet functioning…just registered few hours ago…shall get activated tonight or tomorrow, then I will be able to test the speed, hopefully not too bad. 😛