17 January 2021

Just bought a car yesterday…Perodua Myvi

Yeah…just bought a car yesterday…a Perodua Myvi!

Am I happy with it? Am I satisfied with the purchase? Any regret?

This is the colour of the Myvi that I have ordered:


Colour = Medallion Grey (Metalic). Actual colour is darker than the picture shown above, which is nicer than the picture above. If I would edit the picture, the actual car is more like the below:


I want a Pearl White actually, but no stock and have to wait for a month. Pearl White is RM400 more expensive than Metalic, and Metalic is RM500 more expensive than solid colour. The only available colour (in stock) coming next week is Metallion Grey and Glittering Silver (Metalic).

I don’t like silver colour, and the Medallion Grey is actually the latest colour from Perodua and I find it very nice. My wife doesn’t like silver as well, so we decided on the Metallion Grey.

The model I bought is Myvi 1.3L EZi (Automatic 4T) – Perodua Myvi EZi Premium -1300cc Automatic. There is a Sport Edition available at RM2k extra, which I find the design of the bumper to be really UGLY. Saves the RM2k and can buy more toys for my Megumi. πŸ˜€

We actually went to Toyota showroom yesterday before we went to Perodua showroom. Having a few models in mind, we want to check out the actual cars before deciding.

Here are the few cars that I am interested in (based on my budget):

  • Perodua Myvi (1300cc) = RM49995 (full specs, two air bags)
  • Toyota Avanza (1300cc and 1500cc) = RM63000 and70000
  • Toyota Vios (1500cc) = RM85000 (G type, full specs)
  • Toyota Rush = RM90000

I kinda like Toyota Vios, but the price of RM85000 for the G type with two air bags in front is quite prohibited. Can’t afford that kind of money at the moment.

My sister in law recommend us to the Avanza, which is actually quite a bigger car from the outlook, but small when you actually check the inside. There is little to no luggage space left when all seats are pulled up. If you removed the last row seat, then you will get more space, that then it kills the purpose of buying that car initially. The design of the seats when put down is not flat, unlike my Toyota WISH which actually goes flat. Yeah…I have a WISH…but not yet reach Malaysia and is on the way from Japan.

RUSH is very similar to Avanza interiorly and engine compartment, only external design is different. RM90k, too much for me.

My preference initially and still till now is actually Perodua Myvi. My father has one of this car, and I have actually tried it before (3 years ago). The car although looks small but is actually quite spacious. This is the current Japanese design concept. Small car but spacious inside. Japanese likes small car, due to the cheaper tax and easier to drive and park around. They do not travel long distance often (bullet train is very convenient for them). Myvi is actually a design from Toyota and Daihatsu (Daihatsu is a child company of Toyota), so I am quite confident with their design and engine performance.

It wasn’t a planned car buy day yesterday, we just happened to pass by Toyota showroom, so we make a stop to check out Avanza. Since we were there, we decided to check out Perodua showroom which was just nearby as well.

After Toyota showroom, we went to Perodua showroom which two Myvi inside. One gold, one black. Once sit in, immediately the answer is clear. Boot is of good space, driver and passenger seats are spacious as well. Back seat not too bad (after trying out Avanza and Vios). With a little less than RM50k, you get the best from Myvi (Airbags, spoiler, alloy rims – 14″, audio system with MP3-USB support-CD-bluetooth…etc.). In general, I am quite happy with it.

So…immediately we decided to sign the contract as the boss promised to deliver the car next week (that is fast!). Yeah…only Medallion Grey is available or Silver (no no…). Pearl White, I am willing to pay extra also no stock. Can’t wait for a month lah…no shiok already. Want to get the car ASAP.

Interest rate for Myvi is 4.1% nowadays at EON bank. If Maybank, it will be higher depending on how much you are loaning. Easy to get loan, just 3 months pay slip will do.

If you want to select special plate number, there is RM250 extra charge. I do not have any dedicated number that I would like to get, except maybe 7777 or 8888, but I doubt those would be available. Hence my wife and I decided to let whatever number be our car number. God will guide and provide.

Ok…waiting time now…will blog again after my wife or I got the car.

Here are some photos of the car:










76 thoughts on “Just bought a car yesterday…Perodua Myvi

  1. I too just ordered a myvi, the same one as you..1.3L premium 4AT..also medallion grey.
    Just like you, i didnt opt to buy any special number…as u said let the Lord give me the no. (cant be so un lucky or lucky to get 4444 rite…hehe)

    I however managed to get int. rate of 3.88% from RHB….was lucky i guess as now the rate is 4.1% everywhere..

  2. I purchased a Myvi 2 years ago and lately noticed this vibration broblem while braking and rides are bumpy. Checked at Perodua service centre during warranty period adviced to check tire and alignment. Upon changing tire problem remain. By this time my warranty over by two months and they found the brake caliper and the 4 absorbers to be defective but they refuse manufacturer warranty. I welcome comments from fellow Myvi owners with similar problems to force Perodua to own up to this material defect in their vehicle.

  3. Hi Anna,

    The carribean blue is very bright blue, like sky colour, which I personally do not like and I think it does not match the style of Myvi. Personally I like either the one I have bought (see picture above) or pearl white.

  4. hi Kho King, how about myvi sports? does it comes in medallion grey? yes i am viewing to purchase myvi sports nevertheless orange isnt the color of my choice. optionally i stick w the model u had purchased.

  5. Mr Koh Kho King;

    Me also buy this car yesterday,signed the document, pay the downpayment and now praying it will be in front of my eyes by next monday.

    also buy the same colour like yours. look really nice than the others.

  6. wow..looks like a lot of Myvi fans out there! not bad. i’m still admiring and thinking of buying a myvi…

  7. cant wait to see the continuation of this writing.
    im also considering to buy a myvi..a grey coloured myvi like yours.haha..

    a short story about the colours, one day, im doing my work at a building and thinking to buy a myvi, i think hard about the colour that will perfrectly match the myvi, n i thinked about black grey like yours, an suddenly when im done with my work and get out of the building, i saw the new myvi park infront me with the grey colour. nice lor…very match colourr, grey with the black tyre…

    and also same like you, my fiancee didnt like a silver car. donno why girls didnt like silver but i think silver is good because it will reflect rays from sun that will decrease the heat absorbs..same as we learn at our secondary schools, about the black and white colour.hehehe…

  8. waah.. so many ppl admiring dis myvi actually.hehe.im about to buy a new myvi for me..n now im still thinking the nicest colour for my first car..either dark grey or pearl white….???pls suggest.

  9. medaliion grey is the best.believe it.other colour is too many on the roads.medalion grey2!!

  10. Hi, did any of you get any discounts from your salesman when you purchased your myvi? May I know how much discount you get?

  11. i didnt get any discount. huhuh..i think you have to wait for the festive season. almost 5k discount ooo for the last festive.hari raya festive season is the nearest haa..

  12. khoking? when did uou buy your new myvi? what is the int. rate and which bank? i got 3.75 from ambank

  13. i got redi my new myvi…yes as u suggest guys…i went for medallion grey..tnkiu!looks smart.i found it easy drive car..got it from maybank.int.rate 3.75%.now can travel balik kampong laah.

  14. hi cheryl! mine..for myvi model no discount lah…yes.maybe nid to wait for festive promotion.as our fren suggest..or nid to do a bit of homework before u decide which showroom give the best offers in terms of gifts n after extra services.

  15. do you aware there a tons of myvi accesoories, original from perodua that is quit hot.try to check wif the service center for the myvi accesories catalog. as for me, if i got my myv, i would like to change the light dimz first.kekekeke.unresistable.

  16. Yeah, instead of having third party to make the accessories, they do it themselves and sell themselves, with so called Warranty Not Affected.

    I bought the rubber mat for my MyVi. Others, no.

  17. Sorry, does anyone knows what is the different between the normal and premium?

  18. you can refer to the myvi brochure.but the main difference that we all can see are

    normal – audio- play mp3 disc | normal steering | different seat cover | no abs nor airbags | price is cheaper

    premium – audio – integrate blue tooth and usb | chrome stearing | | different seat cover | equipped with abs and airbags | price is higher a bit.

  19. Most bank would be happy to give you the full amount or 90% of loan. Too little, they don’t want as they want to make enough interest to cover the work effort.

  20. Yeah, u guys are right, should choose premium. Thanks for the advice.

    They said price is the same (as published in perodua website); there is no discount, only freebies like tinted voucher, etc. Should I wait for festive promotion? Does anyone have any idea when and if that will happen soon?

    I am still scouting for the best deal in town.

  21. dream car…dream car..

    hehe..for me its quit hard to find my dream car. at first, i think 2nd hand honda city is good for me with 700 ++ monthly installment.

    then i realize that the installment is quit high for me as i just work for 1 1/2 year only until today. then, a new city come in the own with its futuristic design, really good, but the monthly installment is rm1k+-. as i heard from my frenz .hohoho. the price is higher wif the 2nd hand city car.

    then i narrow down my search to a proton so called persona 1.6 medium line. the price surely lower than the 2nd hand city wif rm650. but when i continue to make a research about the quality of proton, some of the chatters in the forum like to say no to proton. either the owner of proton itself or friends with the owner. some of us would say depend on your luck when buying a car.

    so, i narrow down, and found a car that is quit reasonable with price and with a 3+3 years warranty. after some research about the manufacturers, the car itself, i think for now myvi is good for my first car. still waiting for my medallion grey myvi to come out on the road next week. so there you go, after some research and some narrowing down, i choose a myvi. i am really happy with my choice. with its dvvt, 1.3, i hope the money left after minus the petrol, insurans, and monthly installment, i will have an amount of money that is sufficient to cover my marriage event soon.hehehe..wish me luck.

    * anybody that care about plat number for your new car, refer to this link.

  22. Hehehe, find car is “likely” same with find wife lol…
    Want to buy car need to consider budget, the expense that you’ll be face for you car maintenance, etc…

  23. Hi, i also fal in luv wif dat color n i get my baby car last month…:)
    If anyone can tell me, im planng 2 tinted my car…what tinted should i use if d budget below RM500…
    i ve brochure frm perodua but my fren said dat better i do it by myself…
    one more im fall under category (‘gal dat know nothing bout car’ :P)..>>> sorry 4 outside gal there πŸ™‚

  24. ve also obtain my medallion grey last week.waaa..best lor.the colour is different from others…hehehehe…there are many tinted shop outhere offers wide variety of tinted price. just ask the shops. and try to research around your place first.so that you will dont have to pay for the fuel cost.hehe.

  25. I just got my car tinted with IR90 glass tint, anti break for RM800. I think it is worth the money, my car is so cooling even under the scorching hot sun. Word of advise, don’t take the voucher given by the salesman as the shop that they recommend will quote a much higher price than other shops which is still expensive after discount.

  26. I agreed with you KhoKing, congrats to you, you have made a very good choice there, Medallion Grey (Metallic) is a very nice colour and i have made a comparation, still Medallion Grey (Metallic) is the best, you know what? I have booked one last week, same colour – Medallion Grey (Metallic)…hahahaha…..

  27. I have gone to my medallion grey 1000km service last week, the service is fine, they promise for within 1 hour to finished all the job task. n for added info, anybody can make a balancing tyre for free if your mileage is below 1500km. ive done my first balancing, huhuhu, maybe becoz going through all the hole on the roads. loss a bit of tyre balancing.

    In the meantime, i have look for some of perodua myvi accesories price.i donno if the price is really reasonable or not, bbut as we all know, whenever a plastic parts have a logo on it, etc: perodua, the price will going high up.

    shopping hook – rm9 +-
    rear spoiler – rm400+-
    myvi dimz – rm50+-
    lokatoo gps RM4999+-

  28. I have gone to my medallion grey 1000km service last week, the service is fine, they promise for within 1 hour to finished all the job task. n for added info, anybody can make a balancing tyre for free if your mileage is below 1500km. ive done my first balancing, huhuhu, maybe becoz going through all the hole on the roads. loss a bit of tyre balancing.

    In the meantime, i have look for some of perodua myvi accesories price.i donno if the price is really reasonable or not, bbut as we all know, whenever a plastic parts have a logo on it, etc: perodua, the price will goes high up.

    shopping hook – rm9 +-
    rear spoiler – rm400+-
    myvi dimz – rm50+-
    lokatoo gps RM4999+-

  29. hi all,
    When is the best time to get the festive promotions?
    since raya is just in another 2 months time..shud i wait for it?
    i nid the car in oct oni?
    any suggestion guys?

  30. Hari Raya sure got festive promotion? What kind of promotions do they normally have?

  31. Thanks for sharing in this blog.

    I have just booked my new Myvi as well. There is one thing i would like to know, and it’s regarding the USB port for 1.3 EZi (premium).

    Can I use my iPod Nano and connect it to the USB port using the iPod cable?


  33. I’m confused which colour to choose.First i taught of orange then i found out a lot don’t prefer it then grey n now black.WHITE dirty fast.

  34. i think you have mixed the colour.

    it depend on your final choice about the car spec.is it SE, or not SE.if you pick SE, surely you have three colours of choice that are orange, black and white only as there is no gray for the SE spec.Whilst for other than SE, you cannot pick orange colour because there is no orange colour for this car range.

    so, is it SE or no SE?

    from my POV, white is the best if you plan to make any convert to your future myvi and grey appearance is the best as it in its standard.Because ive saw a gray myvi convert (with decals,rims) and for me it still weird.

    as for me, my myvi is gray colour and still mantain its standard spec.

  35. Mine is also Metallion Grey (Metallic). The best colour n no other car have the same colour ( yet ). Bought it last year ( 17 Dec 08 -> got 2 week after that.. tahun baru with kereta baru…he he he ) 1.3L Standard (Auto) around RM 47k. Loan with Affin Bank rate of 3.9%. Got discount (less RM1200). number…XXX 8765 luv that number…

    It my budget car.. save money on fuel.. n a power car…. ( some time i race to my opis… sometime jer leh… )

    So u guy out there… if u want to buy Mywi.. get the Metallion Grey (Metallic) colour… somebody may look twice when u pass by….

  36. anybody hv suggestion what tinted color suit with grey medallion myvi?? n how to make this grey myvi look cool like change spotrim and so on?? besides, the natural @standard mirror already have uv protection, so what % of VLT we need to choose to avoid jpj summon..

  37. Purchase a myvi 1.3 auto vy soon with trade in my dad old nissan sunny as downpayment.. Pearl white was nice but need to wait for the stock since it doesnt have much stock..

  38. i recently brought a myvi, i found that the engine is unstable and down in half way of road….advise not to but myvi cos unsafe, QC not done in proper and many many…regret to have a myvi…..

  39. Hi Rave,

    Yours might be an isolated case. Did you send back to Perodua for checking?

    My Myvi has been running fine and serving me well in the last 1 year (yeah, just renewed the roadtax last week). I have no regret getting the car. πŸ™‚

  40. i m still considering on whether to buy a vios 1.5 J auto or Myvi 1.3 auto. Heard that Myvi is more FC than Vios on highway?? Not stable on high way ? Anybody can provide more info about this two cars ? Thx.

  41. if you can afford to buy a vios, just go for it. a sedan car surely more stable and it also have spacious boot..

    yesterday, i ve saw a new vios slipped into the highway drain when it was raining heavily, road tapah-ipoh.luckily only the rear wheel stucked into the drain. maybe it is bcoz of the rain,it lost his control or the driver himself fault.

  42. thx zhdmhmd for your feedback. Finally I decided to buy Myvi. I like the design and color and also more economical πŸ™‚ I think it’s ok since I’m driving at a reasonable speed on highway. No speeding for me..

  43. i just brought SE Myvi.. i found that on the engine didn’t have the span. why?
    is the yellow span taken by agent?

  44. i asked the agent why seat not cover with plastic. The agent answer that they purposely take out plastic to let customer check all the seat condition.. is broken or not.

  45. Hi all…. which season is suitable for purchase a mywi car with discount price?

  46. Hi all … it’s been interesting reading all ur comments. I’ve just booked a Myvi EZi SE in ivory white colour. I’m not a fan of white colour on a car but sure didn’t like the other choices of tangerine orange or ebony black or glittering silver or pearl white. Otherwise, the model looks sporty enough. Of course I would prefer an imported car too but I think I’d rather keep the RM balance for other causes. I just hope I’ll be lucky enough to get a fuss-free car. The waiting time for my car’s about a month.

  47. Great write up… Already booked one, am waiting for the car now. But is there an post on the car after u got it? Can’t seem to find it…

  48. This is a fantastic blog on Myvi I’ve ever read! I’m getting one also – Medallion Grey Premium 1.3 EZi (i pay for the extra just for the airbag -don’t save for security)- fall in love with that colour, and my heart miss a bit everytime I see it pass by πŸ˜› also dillema on buying Vios or Myvi previously and I go for the later for value for money economical buy! No discount even Hari Raya! πŸ™ as I’m buying cash. Long wait for me, booked 1 Aug 10 and only ready in Dec10!! Sales said that due to the colour Medallion Gray is top highest in demand and plus premium also highest in demand. I’m so glad to come to your blog, tells me I made the right choice! Thanks!

  49. Hi! Everyone….i plan to have a Myvi Pre 1.3 ZHS(Auto). Do u guys have any idea which bank is lower interest rate for 4 years load ?

  50. Hi again. Just an update … got my car in exactly a month. Splurged on new sport rims n tyres. Like d spaciousness n height of d seats. It’s coming to a month and no regrets so far πŸ™‚

  51. Hi, got my car a week before Raya. Total time of booking till getting the car was 2 weeks. Pretty damn fast. Email me if anybody wants the SA number….Am enjoying my myvi, great FC and comfort…:-)

  52. Carol and Zarina: Wow so fast! how come mine takes so long? Booked on 1 Aug10 and sales tell me only ready in Dec10 πŸ™ so i told her if it’s that late, I will prefer Jan 2011 production/registered car so I won’t lose 1 year of market price. So my car only be ready on Jan 2011. 6 mths wait!!!!!

  53. Hi, i just booked the Myvi SE Facelift 1.3 A/T. i am still deciding on the colors. I really liked white, the solid color seems very easy to get dirty. white pearl white looks so yellowish… any comment if pearl white is manageable when OTR ?

  54. i already use myvi at august 2007.. but now im facing a problem..

    when im break its makes a stupid vibration.. already change tyre, break pad, and absorber.. but still have vibration.. maybe front knuckle have problem :”( ..

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