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Just bought a car yesterday…Perodua Myvi

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Yeah…just bought a car yesterday…a Perodua Myvi!

Am I happy with it? Am I satisfied with the purchase? Any regret?

This is the colour of the Myvi that I have ordered:


Colour = Medallion Grey (Metalic). Actual colour is darker than the picture shown above, which is nicer than the picture above. If I would edit the picture, the actual car is more like the below:


I want a Pearl White actually, but no stock and have to wait for a month. Pearl White is RM400 more expensive than Metalic, and Metalic is RM500 more expensive than solid colour. The only available colour (in stock) coming next week is Metallion Grey and Glittering Silver (Metalic).

I don’t like silver colour, and the Medallion Grey is actually the latest colour from Perodua and I find it very nice. My wife doesn’t like silver as well, so we decided on the Metallion Grey.

The model I bought is Myvi 1.3L EZi (Automatic 4T) – Perodua Myvi EZi Premium -1300cc Automatic. There is a Sport Edition available at RM2k extra, which I find the design of the bumper to be really UGLY. Saves the RM2k and can buy more toys for my Megumi. πŸ˜€

We actually went to Toyota showroom yesterday before we went to Perodua showroom. Having a few models in mind, we want to check out the actual cars before deciding.

Here are the few cars that I am interested in (based on my budget):

  • Perodua Myvi (1300cc) = RM49995 (full specs, two air bags)
  • Toyota Avanza (1300cc and 1500cc) = RM63000 and70000
  • Toyota Vios (1500cc) = RM85000 (G type, full specs)
  • Toyota Rush = RM90000

I kinda like Toyota Vios, but the price of RM85000 for the G type with two air bags in front is quite prohibited. Can’t afford that kind of money at the moment.

My sister in law recommend us to the Avanza, which is actually quite a bigger car from the outlook, but small when you actually check the inside. There is little to no luggage space left when all seats are pulled up. If you removed the last row seat, then you will get more space, that then it kills the purpose of buying that car initially. The design of the seats when put down is not flat, unlike my Toyota WISH which actually goes flat. Yeah…I have a WISH…but not yet reach Malaysia and is on the way from Japan.

RUSH is very similar to Avanza interiorly and engine compartment, only external design is different. RM90k, too much for me.

My preference initially and still till now is actually Perodua Myvi. My father has one of this car, and I have actually tried it before (3 years ago). The car although looks small but is actually quite spacious. This is the current Japanese design concept. Small car but spacious inside. Japanese likes small car, due to the cheaper tax and easier to drive and park around. They do not travel long distance often (bullet train is very convenient for them). Myvi is actually a design from Toyota and Daihatsu (Daihatsu is a child company of Toyota), so I am quite confident with their design and engine performance.

It wasn’t a planned car buy day yesterday, we just happened to pass by Toyota showroom, so we make a stop to check out Avanza. Since we were there, we decided to check out Perodua showroom which was just nearby as well.

After Toyota showroom, we went to Perodua showroom which two Myvi inside. One gold, one black. Once sit in, immediately the answer is clear. Boot is of good space, driver and passenger seats are spacious as well. Back seat not too bad (after trying out Avanza and Vios). With a little less than RM50k, you get the best from Myvi (Airbags, spoiler, alloy rims – 14″, audio system with MP3-USB support-CD-bluetooth…etc.). In general, I am quite happy with it.

So…immediately we decided to sign the contract as the boss promised to deliver the car next week (that is fast!). Yeah…only Medallion Grey is available or Silver (no no…). Pearl White, I am willing to pay extra also no stock. Can’t wait for a month lah…no shiok already. Want to get the car ASAP.

Interest rate for Myvi is 4.1% nowadays at EON bank. If Maybank, it will be higher depending on how much you are loaning. Easy to get loan, just 3 months pay slip will do.

If you want to select special plate number, there is RM250 extra charge. I do not have any dedicated number that I would like to get, except maybe 7777 or 8888, but I doubt those would be available. Hence my wife and I decided to let whatever number be our car number. God will guide and provide.

Ok…waiting time now…will blog again after my wife or I got the car.

Here are some photos of the car: