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Stone Age Computer? Come on…

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I read about a friend’s blog recently, that her company is still using and providing her a “stone age” computer for her to use.

A Chinese saying:”If you want to have Quality results, you should use Quality tools” (sorry, I do not have a Chinese software to type in Chinese)

For people who use computer daily, he/she should know very well how important it is to have a good and fast running computer in order to have the job done (quality job). A slow and ill working computer might still get the job done, but that is not good enough. Quality job comes from happy employer. If you can keep your employer happy and highly motivated, then you will get Quality job done. Google knows this very well, hence providing a world refreshing working environment to their employers, where everybody (ok…almost everybody…or many people…) wish to get into Google.

This is 21st century now…computer is the very very basic tool that one should be stingy of. As myself is using computer everyday (more than 8 hours a day), personally I can feel how frustrating it is when a computer is slow and irresponsive.

Soon I will get a new PC. I am going to get a 24 inches LCD monitor for myself, while I will get a 19″ LCD new computer for one of my staff. CPU? Anything with coreduo is not going to disappoint in today’s world, but of course I am going to pump the memory to 3GB or 4GB. Can’t wait to build my own PC again! 😀

(Blogged using a 12″ macbook intel duo core 1.83Ghz with 2GB memory.)