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Louis Vuitton (LV) Damier Neverfull MM Bag N51105 = Authentic or Fake?

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Helped a customer to get a LV bag in Japan recently. Bought from a reliable shop at quite a premier price (though might still be cheap to some).

I did not buy from a LV store, as this bag is of so very high demand that most LV stores in Japan have run out of stock. Instead, I ordered from a big bag seller in Japan.

When receiving the bag, to my surprise there is NO BOX or any label showing if the bag is genuine or fake. I have a hard time telling, as I have not bought a LV bag before (my wife and I are no an of LV). However, I must admit that the bag looks very nice, very neat stitches and very simple and clean design.

Here are some photos to share (as there will be many pirates selling this bag in the internet, so I better watermarked my photos below):

Louis Vuitton (LV) Damier Neverfull MM Bag N51105



The inside RED is really striking, which makes this bag unique and very attractive in my opinion. There is another milky inside version, which is not that nice I think.


Special serial number tag? I think this model all have same tag number…not sure what the number means: SP2048


Found a small card inside the bag.


Since my customer and I both are unsure of the genuinity of the bag, so I will later bring the bag to a local 2nd hand bag seller (LV specialist) to verify. 🙂