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Baby Chair for my Baby…

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Today went to purchase baby chair for my baby…for use in car one. Went to Diamond City in Hiroshima City, costs quite a lot…JPY49950 (around RM1550). However, no stock there, have to wait for a week for new stock. Must be good model, hence good selling.

My wife and I have a thought that we should order from the internet, price should be cheaper. So we went home empty handed (except some other stuffs).

I make order of the baby chair just now from the internet. Price = JPY42800 with free shipping to my door steps. So is quite a saving.

Which model and brand did I bought? Let’s have a look…


Yeah, it can turn 360 degrees. The model is called Excombi, from Combi. I think it is the most luxury model from Combi. The cushion looks great too!

Yeah, expensive…but as compared to the life and protection of my baby, RM1500 is nothing. 🙂