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BlogMalaysia.com – Over 1500 Blogs now!

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BlogMalaysia.com – Malaysia Bloggers Directory!

I am happy and proud to announce that BlogMalaysia has over 1500 registered blogs now!

In terms of registered bloggers, we have 1698 bloggers as of this second. I wonder why some registered but not submitting their blogs…or maybe their blogs were rejected due to not fulfilling the requirements (spams?)

BlogMalaysia was born in January 2008. I am glad that within a year, we have already achieved over 1000 registered blogs and growing exponantially! With many bloggers putting BlogMalaysia link logo as of the above, many gets to know about BlogMalaysia and submitting their blogs to the Malaysia Blog Directory!

BlogMalaysia is a free directory, and it shall remain free forever. The existence of BlogMalaysia is to gather Malaysia bloggers information under one roof, easier for friends and family to search for their blogger friends at the directory.

Ok…have to rest now…hope to see your blog soon if you haven’t registered yourself there…seeya! 🙂