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Kang Kong found!!!

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Ohisashiburi no Kang Kong, eventually found in Japan!!


(I saw Megumi’s foot on the lower left of the photo)

I know those of you in Malaysia must be laughing at me now, but nevermind, you might not understand how a KangKong lover found KangKong after three years missing of it.

Today while shopping at the Vege stall nearby the eki, I found this!! Immediately took 10 packages without second thought. Well, it doesnt cost much compare to other type of vege, 39 yen per pack, expenssive? I would say not expenssive at all.

This is the first time I found KangKong here in Japan. I don’t think it can be found in the supermarket, in any season. But I always found surprise in this very small vege stall.

Since now is summer, some vege like the cili, sweet corn, ladyfinger are selling very cheap. So eat more vege!

Hmm.. tonight I’m gonna cook a big plate of KangKong Belacan!! Yeah!!

Updated by hubby:
The finished product…


Megumi also curious… 😛