21 January 2021

Saw the Titan yesterday…yeah…Minolta Alpha / Maxxum 9Ti

Produced in year 1999, limited production. Some said 500 units in Japan, some said 400 units worldwide, some said 1000 units worldwide…not sure…but what I am sure of is that it is definitely a hard to find limited production and most sort after Minolta film SLR.

Some photos I found from a Japanese store:



The limited edition comes in a nice presentation box (red silk cloth inside) with a brown colour genuine leather strap.

I am not a Minolta fans, but still I am quite tempted to get this one myself. My local shop has a display set unit for sale, price quite reasonable…new one was selling at around USD3000 in year 1999, sadly…camera doesn’t appreciate over time (except Leica), and Minolta 9Ti is currently at around US$2k in the market for an used one. Mint or like new might still be able to fetch high price, but is very rare and hard to find nowadays.

Should I get one? Maybe I should… 🙂

1 thought on “Saw the Titan yesterday…yeah…Minolta Alpha / Maxxum 9Ti

  1. I don’t see the value of buying and keeping this obsoleted tech (USD2000K!). May be I don’t know much about this edition. Prefer to get the latest and greatest gadgets instead (or save it for Megumi) 😉

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