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Chinese name in journal…

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Chinese name can be confusing to many…especially those from the west.

My full name is Koh Kho King, many got confused which is my family name. Is it Koh or King? Those from the West often called me Mr. King, and I got my first paper published with my name wrongly written as K. K. King.

I just got my second technical paper proof read (already accepted last year). Again there is a mistake in the name…so this time I did some search online and found the more appropriate way of writing Chinese name. Hence I amended this to my 2nd paper, as definitely need to get my family name and first name correct.

Here’s how a Chinese should identify their names:

Kho-King KOH

Yes, put a hyphen in between the two sounds of your first name, and write your family name in CAPITAL LETTER. You can now be sure that people will know your family name correctly.

Happy writing! 🙂