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Passed my PhD Oral Examination!

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Yeah! I passed my PhD Oral Examination on 04 July 2008 (Friday)!

My presentation was at 10am, one hour. I used up almost all the one hour, or slightly over (65 mins). Q&A for around 30 mins, and I passed!

Thank God and may all glory to my Heavenly Father! 🙂

I enter Hiroshima University on 03 October 2005. Been in Japan for nearly 3 years…life is really good here. My wife and my daughter (made in Japan) are here with me. God’s grace is abandone and I have even managed to start up ShaShinKi.com business while I am in Japan.

Time flies…soon I will be going back to Malaysia to start another new life. I am sure I will miss Japan a lot…and might come to Japan again in future.

Before coming to Japan, people have said and commented that studying in Japan is tough. After experiencing myself, I must say that it is not easy, but also mainly depends on your supervisor (sensei). Work hard, time is all I have.

Thank God once again for all His guidance and grace! In Jesus Christ name, Amen.