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More Photos of Nikon D700…

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There isn’t any reason for us NOT to believe that Nikon D700 is real now… 😛


Yeah…FX format…same sensor resolution as Nikon D3, 12.1MP (are they sharing the same sensor? Probably, as the ISO range is same from 200-6400 as well).


I think it shares the same hard coated glass LCD screen as Nikon D3. There is no catch for external cover for it like in D300…


Weather sealed…reminds me of Nikon F6…looks like a professional camera with external battery pack.



Not any smaller with MB-D10 as compared to D3 (right). Ok, taller but less wide.


Now…what will be the price? Some said USD4000 MSRP (convert from Euro pound), but I think that is way too high. I would rather go for D3 if D700 is only marginally cheaper.

Nevermind, wait first…not that I can get one now even if I have the USD4000… 😀