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Nikon D700 Coming Soon?

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There has been rumors in the internet on Nikon D700. The most recent (not so recent…already been a month) is some handphone snap photos of D700 brochures by a printer (will he lost his job for this courtesy?). Below are some of the handphone photos from this kind heart person… 😛

The prism seems quite low…Nikon D3 prism is very high. Full frame for D700 with low prism?


Large, bright viewfinder!


51 point AF system, just like the D300 and D3.


Weather sealed! Good for pro! D300 shutter can last for 100k actuation, not sure about D700 though…can see in detail in the picture below…


Precision-cast magnesium alloy body…good! I love solid built camera! Some said heavy, but I don’t really mind heavy, I like the heavy solid feel. 🙂 Using MB-D10?! Great! Sharing same battery grip as D300!


I think the button layout same as D300…similar to all Nikon pro-semi pro bodies. No surprise here.


EXPEED processor. Start from ISO200? Hmm…I would prefer to have ISO100 to start with…wait…there is ISO100 setting too! Great! ISO6400?! ISO12800 and ISO25600? Hmm…just like D3…not very useful in D3 in such ISO as quality is bad…but ISO6400 still very useable and proves to be still very clean!


Ok…last but not least…12.1MP FX-Sensor. Full frame Nikon DSLR!


Since I can’t afford to pay RM15k for a D3…if this D700 is priced around RM7k (USD2150), then most probably I can upgrade to it (retired my D200). No rush…we probably won’t see this D700 actual news until Photokina 2008 in Germany (September 2008).

Happy dreaming! 😀