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New Mouse from Logicool (Logitech)

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My Logicool MX Revolution wireless laser mouse has been acting weirdly in the last few months. Having multi-clicks automatically, which is very irritating.


My mouse is bought in Japan, has 3 years Logicool Japan warranty. I bought the mouse on 19th Dec 2006, which I have blogged about it at:


The benefit of blogging, so that you can keep record of all your history, easy to check and search back.

I sent an email to Logicool with descriptions of my mouse problem. After a month (or many weeks later, can’t remember), they finally replied. I guess the late reply is due to me writing in English (few Japanese can read or understand English). After getting their reply and product return number, I was too lazy to pack and return the mouse, so waited for another 2 months plus until Logicool emailed me again the status of my mouse.

Just two weeks ago I finally posted the mouse to them. On last week, I got a brand new in box Logicool MX Revolution mouse from them. Yes, brand new in box. 🙂

This is a really nice mouse. Wireless mouse is great! Very convenient to use. You must try one if you haven’t. You will be hooked! 😉