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FireFox 3 – tried…

I installed FireFox 3 few days ago.


Yeah, it is the latest and currently hottest internet browser in the world. Over 8 millions download during the launch day, Mozilla has applied to have it included in Gunesse World Record for the most download software in a day. They were targetting 5 million downloads, but exceed to 8 millions! They must have a super powerful (or many) server in order to serve that much request in a day.

How is my experience so far? Hmm…there are some changes to the interface, which I think is nice, except the bookmark button is ultra ugly (a book with a  star in the middle, can’t they make a better icon?!). The back and forth button are nice. Back button is bigger.


Many said it is faster than all other browsers in the world, since I already have very fast internet connection in Japan, I don’t really notice much speed change, but I do feel that page loads faster.


FireFox 3 is said to be more secure, when browsing a SSL website, it will show additional information in the browser URL bar. For internet website with verified (company info) SSL, it will show green bar.

So how about ShaShinKi.com? We do have SSL certificate installed, but as we are not USA company so there is no company verification status for us. Still, we are verified SSL site which customer can click to verify (click the SSK icon in the URL bar).


There are some changes in FF3 that I noticed makes browsing and using internet differently. Eg. Click the Browse column in a browser to browse files in your computer to upload, immediately it pop up the browse window. No, you do not have to click the Browse button, just click on the column will do. Not sure this is nice or not…as it makes some of my loading style inconvenient… 😛

There has been security flaw reported in the internet regarding FF3, which also affect FF2. I believe patch or update should be available soon…but since I have upgraded to FF3, I think I will just continue to use it. To avoid your computer being infected with malicious codes, do not visit high risk websites (porn, gambling, illegal download…etc.).

Try FireFox 3 today, it is free, it is fast, it is the latest in the net!

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