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Mozart…Chocolate Cream!

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Went shopping with my wife today. Saw this very tempting chocolate cream on the rack…this is actually the 2nd time I saw this cream…so…cannot let go anymore…just have to taste it… 😛


I am not very lover of alcohol drink, but I like those chocolate/sweet taste cream. My first and favorite is Balley Irish Cream, which taste very nice. This Mozart Chocolate Cream is just next to Balley, and I must say that Mozart is more tempted than the Balley…with the very eye catching gold wrap and cute round bottle. Of course, price is higher than Balley as well, but since I am buying just small bottle (350ml), it doesn’t really cost one arm or leg (JPY1500).

So, how does it taste? Tried one small cup just now…quite strong alcohol and the chocolate favor is very strong as well. Thick and strong chocolate flowing out. I think it should be best served with ice, but I don’t have any ready (already in the making in the fridge now). It doesn’t have the milk smell from Balley, which I quite like (the Balley). I would give it 80% mark for the time-being, might be higher when serves with ice tomorrow. 🙂

Another photo with better background (I think)…


If you love Balley, you should try Mozart too! 😉