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Canon Digital SLR Camera Shutter Duration Test Information

Many speculations have been flying around in the internet regarding how many count Canon DSLR camera shutter can last. Instead of just guessing around, I have decided to refer to Canon Japan themselves. Yes, need words from Canon Japan themselves in black and white (or colour) instead of just verbal talk.

Here’s what I found in Canon official camera brochures:

Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III – 300k shutter duration test


Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III – Did not mention in the brochure, other than just “Accurate Highly Durable Shutter”. However the shutter picture is same as the 1Ds Mark III picture, so I would guess it to have the same 300k shutter duration test as in 1Ds Mark III.


Canon EOS 5D – 100k shutter duration test


Canon EOS 40D – 100k shutter duration test


Canon EOS 450D – No info in the brochure.

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